Dino Martinis Dino Martinis Canada's best wedding and party band based in Calgary Banff and the mountain parks -

Dino Martinis Dino Martinis Canada’s best wedding and party band based in Calgary Banff and the mountain parks –

How much does it cost to book the Dino Martinis? Like snowflakes, every gig is different. Our costs vary depending on the size of your event and the distance we need to travel.

Do you involve the audience? We love getting people on stage with us, we love organizing impromptu dance competitions and we love getting you to sing with us! By the end of the night we try to make the audience feels like they’re part of the band

How long do you play for? We will tailor three hours of music any way you want it! No two events are the same so we’ll play any configuration of sets within the four-hour window that the band is on site. Clients often find that two 90 minute sets work best, while some prefer a shorter set followed by one longer set. Keep in mind we are perhaps the most flexible (you should see us play Twister) and easy-to-work-with band in the world, so we can usually make things work.

Do you play outside of Calgary? Absolutely, we play regularly in the mountain parks and have played gigs all over the world, including Europe, Japan and the United States.

What will you play? We have an enormous repertoire of songs from every genre. We can provide you with a song list and you can ensure that we’ll play many of your favourites. We’ve also been doing this a long time, so we’ll mix your requests with the best possible mix of music to keep your dance floor filled all night.

Will you learn our first dance, or other special requests? We certainly will! We just  enough time to learn the material! Generally a month is sufficient.

Do you need a stage, how much room do you require? As a six-piece band we need enough room to fit keyboards, guitars and amps drums and two singers. Generally a 16 x 12 ft. stage is sufficient – however we’ve played many gigs without a stage and many gigs in strange locations! It’s really up to your show.

Do you have a sound man, sound system and lights? We can provide everything you need to stage a successful event. We’ll be happy to provide a quote for you for our full P.A. (sound system) and professional, friendly sound-crew and loaders who will quickly and efficiently set the show up and deal with any issues that might arise at your venue. They’ll also make sure everything sounds great. We also have basic lighting and can arrange to get more if you had more of a “Super Bowl halftime show” in mind!  We more than happy to use your P.A. as well, however we’ll generally bring our own soundman.

Can we use your P.A. for speeches and announcements? You’re more than welcome to use our microphone for your event. If you want to use our sound technician, there’s an extra charge involved. However we are happy to show you how to adjust the volume of the mic and background music on our mixer so you can run your own program as well.

What happens when you’re not playing?  If you want, you can provide your own iPod or phone which we can play through our PA using a headphone jack. We can also provide an ipod with dinner and dance music playlists.